Things to Do in Subic Bay

Subic Bay is not only a destination for beach combers and water sport enthusiasts but also for environmentally minded tourists, along with exotic wild animal lovers and thrill seekers. After your beach and watersport activity you can experience the premier destination in the Philippines for eco-tourism, environmental studies, a unique and thrilling Tiger Safari, jungle survival training facilities along with zip lines and tree fall adventure parks.

Lots of Excitment and Fun

Subic has become one of the Philippines most exciting and fun-filled destinations. After almost a century of U.S. occupation, sailors aboard destroyers, aircraft carriers and submarines traversed the deep waters of Subic, things have changed. The same bay and surrounding jungle areas are now home to such facilities as Zoobic Safari, JEST Camp, Extreme Adventure, Treetop Adventure and Ocean Adventure. These theme parks offer curious visitors an opportunity to experience and participate in a more diverse set of travel options. With all of these options along with golf courses, great restaurants, bars, clubs and casinos, the Subic Bay Freeport has something for every member of the family A Clean, Quiet, Uncongested Respite

A Clean, Quiet, Uncongested Respite

Far from the busy streets of Manila, the area is safe, quiet and the environment is clean and less congested than the big city. Foreigner consider Subic different from the rest of the Philippines; when they first experience the environment they are comfortable with the surroundings.

Traffic, What Traffic?

The traffic is controlled and sane, strict rules and enforcement prevent smoke-belching tricycles and jeepneys. The area is enjoyable to traverse with uncluttered and wide roadways able to accommodate a steady flow of traffic. This area has many overtones of a U.S. city with traffic control lights, crosswalks and rules that help keep residents and visitors safe. As a result, Subic is highly desirable and a refuge for foreigners and ex-pats.

New Super Highway

The Clark/Subic SETEX super highway makes for a quick trip from Manila to the Subic entertainment and recreation area. It used to take almost half a day a few years ago traversing through San Fernando and a multitude of little municipalities. Today, with the new highway, it only takes approximately two hours for the trip from Manila to Subic. The highway is similar to those found in the U.S with typically two lanes in each direction and off ramps and on ramps with stopover facilities along the way to allow for refueling both for your vehicle and your body. One such facility is the new PTT stopover and Concepcion, Tarlac segment of the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEx). This P 1.21 million, state of the art one-stop-shop features fuel, food, car services, toilets and other amenities, including a signature coffee shop, Café. This new infrastructure has dramatically increased tourism and facilities Subic and helped to create a new and vibrant recreation and business zone.

Zoobic Safari

The all-time family favorite Zoobic Safari Adventure Park is an animal encounter of unparalleled comparison. At Zoobic, you have a rare chance to get up-close and personal with man-eating tigers in a safe and controlled environment. 
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Treetop Adventure

One of the most popular attractions in Subic Bay is Treetop Adventure. As the name implies, this park is not for the faint hearted as it involves rides that are high, fast and adventurous, this subic high flying excitement is a can't miss if you are a local or international tourist.
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Ocean Adventure

Subic is about ocean and water sports, but did you know there is an aquatic theme park in Subic? No need to go to the U.S. for their famed SeaWorld Park. Dolphins, sea lions and a variety of sea creatures await happy visitors each day.
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