Ocean Adventure Park

At Ocean Adventure the sea animals want to perform for you, interact with you and actually swim with you. They are willing and ready to show you how smart they are.  Children and adults alike will smile and enjoy a day of curious fun, interaction, learning, ecological responsibility and more.  Ocean Adventure is actually a learning experience of unrivaled proportion.  You and your family will come away with not only an exhilarating day of shows and sea mammal encounters but a newfound appreciation for these marvelous animals and their natural habitat and with a sense of wanted to do your part to save the world.  

At the Dolphins and Friends Show enjoy the many antics of trained dolphins and sea lions as they perform their tricks guided by world-class trainers.  The laughs and excitement are continuous as you watch dolphins jump, do many tricks and swim on command throughout the show. The sea lions also interact with the audience in various ways that will delight your heart. 

The Swim Encounter is a one of a kind experience where participants get to actually swim and interact with intelligent dolphins in the water. Even U.S. ocean parks don’t have these types of experiences.  Experience what it must feel like to be rescued by a Flipper-type dolphin.  You can pretend you are working on a movie or television series as you go for a high-speed ride on one of your new aquatic friend’s backs to a simulated island platform in the middle of Ocean Adventures Lagoon. They enjoy towing people around just for the fun of it.  You don’t even need to be a good swimmer as a lifejacket is included in your adventure.  This 45 minute experience will truly give you a new perspective and appreciation of these animals.  Lots of opportunities are made available for picture taking so you can record your experience for posting on your social network page. 

If you’d rather stay away from the deeper waters but still touch and play with dolphins, then the Shallow Water Show is for you. You can even feed and hug these lovable creatures in water just a few feet deep.  This is a 30 minute experience with plenty of opportunity for photo and videos with your friends and family close by.

In the spirit of a professional Hollywood production, don’t miss the Adventures of Olongapo Jones Show. Mr. Jones, as it turns out, is an ecologically-wise entertainer at Ocean Adventure.  Jones and his band of Eco-Rangers are on the lookout and track down the eco-bandits known as the Bouncing Basura Boys.  This disrespectful gang likes to throw trash everywhere and cut down trees. This is an extremely funny show that consistently delights audiences as they learn about responsible and sustainable everyday practices to help protect and maintain the environment. 

If you’d rather experience an undersea adventure while remaining cool, dry and comfortable, view the Ocean Discovery Aquarium.  This exhibit is a large underground aquarium of sea creatures and habitat all presented in air-conditioned comfort.  At this exhibition, you’ll acquire new understanding and learn all about the local sea life. Get up close and personal with the ocean life that’s typically not often experienced by land lovers.   You’ll experience coral reefs, deep dark caves, water streams and incredibly diverse creatures such as multi-colored fish, sea horses, stingrays, and sea snakes all perfectly displayed and lit in very impressive aquarium tanks.

Ocean Adventure has even more adventures to entertain your family and friends such as the Sea Lion Marion Patrol Show, where funny and comedic sea lions get into all kinds of trouble and situations as they show you how intelligent they are. 

Also the Walk on the Wild Side show brings you deep into the Subic forest at night to interact with various birds, bats, reptiles and mammals with your native Aeta indigenous guides by your side. 

There is much more to fill your day at this classic Subic theme park.  Put on your diving suit and get wet as you experience a Philippine treasured jewel. 

Zoobic Safari Park entrance

Smart Dolphins Everywhere

The dolphins at Ocean Adventure are so smart you'll find it hard to believe that creatures that live in the sea can to the amazing things they do.  These sea creatures are so intelligent, they may even say goodbye to you.

Tiger in a cage at Zoobic Safari

Entertaining Sea Lions

The sea lions love to bring joy and fun to the lives of those they perform for. They will amaze you with their antics. Expect the unexpected when these creatures of the shores take to the stage.

Crocodile feeding at Zoobic Safari

Swim with the Dolphins

A once in a lifetime opportunity awaits those who dare to adventure into the water. Various swiming programs allow you to experience the life of a professional marine trainer.

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