Treetop Adventure Park

How does hanging 60 feet above the ground as you move along a 220 meter long cable amongst the tall, green and rainforest trees in the wild and untamed Subic Jungle grab you?  The Treetop Adventure Canopy Ride allow you and your partner to traverse this unique and forested wilderness in your own motorized canopy and then let you off to walk across some rickety Indiana Jones jungle bridges throughout the experience. This is a jungle adventure on the highest order garnering respect for Mother Nature.  It is a must-do experience for environmentalists, the curious, lovers, and the young and old alike. The Canopy Ride is the tamest and most serene ride at the park; this ride will get you back in touch with nature.  Continue reading for additional rides that will knock your socks off.

Probably the most popular and scary ride is known as the Superman Ride. For those brave enough to get strapped-in, they are in for a treat.  Here the participant gets to lay horizontal and face-down (hence the name Superman).  They traverse a zip line that covers 2 platforms for a distance of approximately 140 meters long at a height of 100 feet at a very quick pace.  For those of you lacking super-human powers, this is the closest you’ll get to a fly along with Superman.

Then there is the Silver Surfer Ride at Treetop Adventure.  In case you haven’t noticed, the theme park has a thing for super heroes.  More importantly, they know their customers will enjoy the experience of being a super hero for a day.  This ride places you standing-up on a surfboard type of platform suspended by a cable to somehow simulate the stance and position of the Silver Surfer from the movies.  You won’t be lonely on this ride as you get to experience it with a partner while you surf the Subic treetops together.  You’ll be facing each other on a high suspended cable that gets rather radical and fast at times.  Hold on tight and hang ten as you and your partner move quickly along this cable causing speed along in a standing position just like Silver Surfer.  Be prepared for some fun action as you rock wildly high above the trees on your sky surfboard.

Have you even wanted to learn how to repel down a tall tree? Tree Drop Adventure allows you to do just that, or at least try.  Get ready to experience a drop down a 60 foot tall Subic rainforest tree on a cable while your fiends watch and record your experience with their smart phones, cameras or other electronic devices. While most people choose to simply jump and let the safety cable bring them down the side of the tree, you should not waist this opportunity to learn real repelling. You never know when you will need it on your next spy mission. Besides, you build a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment by learning new and adventurous skills.  Where else are you going to get a repelling lesson in an afternoon without enlisting in the military?


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Canopy Ride

Sit back and let the forest roll at treetop level. This ride encompasses a network of 5 separate cable sections and allows you views from the 100 foot level

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Tree Drop Adventure

What seems like an experience for a top notch Navy Seal, the ultimate 60 foot tree rappelling ride awaits you with what they call the Tree Drop Adventure. One of the most exciting Treetop Adventure thrills.

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Superman Ride

Treetop Adventure's Superman Ride is for all of those who have allways wanted to be a superhero. Take off across the forest at heights of 70 to 150 feet above the rest of the world. Go it alone or with another rider.

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CM Recto Highway
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