Zoobic Safari Wild Animal Park

Bellow you’ll find some of the featured attractions at Zoobic. There is a wealth of attractions that will appeal to everyone in your clan. The Tiger Safari allows you to ride along in a fully protected vehicle as you safari in an isolated Tiger open range habitat. This is about as close as you can get to a real-life African safari. Tigers come directly up to the side of the vehicle to allow you to see, smell and feel their breath. You get to watch the brave safari leader feed the tigers a raw chickens through a small hole in the screen mesh of the vehicle. Then get prepared as the massive feline jumps on top of the safari vehicle and takes a nap or plays with the safari vehicle riders. The cool thing here is the roof has see-through plastic windows of the tiger’s underside as it rests just a short distance from your face.

  • The Forbidden Cave experience is an Indiana Jones type of adventure featuring shaky hanging bridges. The Muzooeum features a collection of real animal bones and preserved skins that allow an educational experience for youth.
  • The Savannah area of Zoobic Safari is a wildlife sanctuary where you can view animals such as ostriches, potbellies, wild boars, and guinea fowls.
  • Zoobic Petting Park is a fun-filled Petting Zoo, perfect for children and adults alike. Here you can interact with caribou, ducks, camels, monkeys, eagles, deer, ostriches, albino bear, miniature horses and more.
  • The Serpentarium is a round the world exploration of snakes, turtles, lizards, iguanas, and many other reptilian delights.
  • The Zoobic Cave gives you a glimpse of non-living taxidermies (stuffed) animals.
  • The Close Encounter is an exhilarating close-proximity tiger experience where you can watch these beautiful beasts consume their meals.
  • The Croco loco allows you to feed crocodiles chicken lowered by a fishing pole. The Bird Walk is a fun and close-up bird experience where you can interact with a multitude of incredible and beautiful birds.
Zoobic Safari Park entrance

Enter the Jungle

Zoobic Safari Park exists for those who are brave enough to step through to a foreign realm of tigers, snakes and wild animals from continents far away.

Tiger in a cage at Zoobic Safari

Tigers by the Dozens

At Zoobic Safari you will be able to see dozens of tigers. These majestic animals are sometimes waiting in cages so you can view them up-close and personal. .

Crocodile feeding at Zoobic Safari

The Crocodiles are Hungry

The crocodiles are waiting for willing participants to feed them their favorite meal, a whole chicken carcass on a pole hand delivered by their favorite waiter.

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